Casino Restaurant
San Francisco, 2714 Station Street; Phone: 510-879-5260; Email:
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NationalRestaurant, an oriental restaurant in San Franciscos historic center, is located on 2714 Station Street.

The spacious hall on the ground floor is flooded with light penetrating through large windows, which offers a panoramic view of the elegant profitable house, built in the early XIX century. The interior is decorated in warm colors, and natural materials – wood, metal, marble. Flowers on tables and window sills, scattered palms in heavy tubs, cachepot on railing give the institution similarity to a winter garden. On the second floor there are less seats, and the situation is private. It is most convenient for a business meeting, when you do not want to be distracted and it is important not to miss a word of the interlocutor.

The menu includes a wide range of dishes on coals: lulya, kebabs, rack of lamb or calf.

The author’s section includes, for example, a salad with veal in ginger-spicy sauce, soup made of duck with shiitake mushrooms and a special steak from the chef. The bar list includes classic and warming teas, Turkish coffee with orange, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and chipcakes. We prepare the latter in original combinations, for example, we mix elderberry and mango, chocolate and pistachios, vanilla and blueberry.

Musically accompanimented Friday night dinners are a great tradition at NationalRestaurant. Kaver-versions of popular compositions, dance hits and retro melodies are performed for guests by invited artists.

And to avoid boredom, on the third floor there is a huge casino hall where you can try your luck! After all, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne!

Having fallen in love with “NationalRestaurant” one day, you will want to trust the most important moments of life only to us. Birthday, corporate party, bachelor party or hen party, wedding celebration – we are ready to take on the organization of any holiday.