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Here is a list of games that you can play in our casino restaurant!

  1. Poker

Who’d have doubts that poker would come first. There are various tournaments with huge prize funds on it all the time. The rules are quite simple: you need to collect the best combination of five cards. In total, you will need to remember ten combinations. And there are a lot of variants of poker itself, but the rules are similar everywhere.

  1. Craps

This game is based on dice and number seven. But it’s not that simple. In fact, the rules in this game are quite complicated. But I assure you that with experience, they will bounce off your teeth ­čÖé One more thing: do not confuse this game with what the guys play on the street. I mean the game where you bet and in the end you win the one who scored more points. The casino version is more complicated than that!

  1. Blackjack.

Pretty popular and interesting game. Croupier hands out two cards to himself and the player. Wins the one who has the sum of cards closest to all or equal to 21. The game is interesting at least because there are craftsmen who can “count” cards, that is, remember those cards that have already left the game. And, based on this, they make an assumption about what the next card will be. Unfortunately, the casino does not like such people and does not allow them to visit their establishments again. Which is very strange, but logically it can be easily explained.

  1. Slot machines

Very popular and addictive gambling. The point is that you need to throw a coin in the slot, then pull the handle or press the button. The machine begins to rotate the wheels. The win depends on what the pictures on the wheels match each other.

  1. Roulette

The essence of the game is that the player bets on where the ball will fall. He can bet on both a specific figure and color, and so on. The more accurate the choice of the player, the more money. It’s very similar to a sports sweepstakes.)

  1. Pai Gow Poker.

This game has a great resemblance to an ordinary Hold’em. One of the differences is that players do not play against each other, but against the casino. There are seven cards each. You have to collect the best combination of them and compare it to the dealer’s combination.

  1. Keno

This is a game that is basically a lottery. The player is given a leaf with 80 numbers. He should mark it with 20 numbers of his choice. After that, the host names the winning 20 numbers. The more matches the player has, the more he wins.

  1. Bakkara

Very simple, but at the same time interesting game! The essence is still the following: the croupier gives each of the players two cards. Then the sum of cards is added up. In the same way as in Blackjack. Only the number 10 is taken away. For example, the sum turns out to be 14, so the final figure is 4. The winning combination is the one whose sum is greater than the others.

  1. Bingo

It’s almost the same as Keno’s game. Participants are given a square 5 on 5. On it, you need to fill a certain pattern that has a figure. For example, a hat, an airplane, and so on. Whoever first fills the card must shout “Bingo”. After that his card is double-checked and a new round is started.