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In a new country it is always worth “feeling” a few things: flavour, sights, customs and, of course, gastronomic orgasm.


We are what we eat.

So, to better understand the new country and the mentality of its inhabitants, you need to try the national food. Now you can get acquainted with 24 crown dishes of different countries, which every tourist must try.

Portugal: Francisinha

The name of this dish translates as “little Frenchwoman.” It is a sandwich of two square pieces of white bread, between which there is a piece of meat, a slice of ham stuffed with olives, and sausage. It’s all covered in melted cheese and placed in a plate with tomato sauce. Francesinas are usually served fries and a mug of cold beer.

Australia: Meltdown cake

Meltdown Pie – a meat pie floating in a plate with thick pea soup. Sometimes it is seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar. This dish is especially popular in winter.

Mexico: Mole sauce

This sauce contains up to 100 ingredients, including herbs, ground nuts, butter, cocoa, meat broth and of course several types of chili. And they prepare the sauce for a long time, sometimes for a few days.

Slovakia: Cheese galouches

These are small potato dumplings dressed with soft cheese and bacon.

Belgium: mussels with fries.

Mussels in Belgium are prepared in different ways: in wine, oil, with herbs or in tomato sauce. They are served with salted crispy potatoes and a cold Belgian beer.

South Korea: Panchan

This traditional South Korean dish consists of many appetizers and salads, which are served on small plates as accompaniment to the main course and rice: kimchi (sauerkraut vegetables with spicy red pepper), Namul (fried vegetables dressed with sesame oil, vinegar and garlic), Jeong (Korean variation on pancakes theme).

Egypt: Molocha

Different variations of this dish are cooked all over North Africa, but it has gained special popularity in its homeland – in Egypt. The dish is cooked from the leaves of Molocha (a vegetable with a bitter flavour), which is separated from the stems, chopped and cooked in a broth with coriander and garlic. Molochay with pieces of chicken or rabbit meat is served, sometimes they are replaced with lamb or fish.

Japan: Cacudon

It would seem that Japan is associated with sushi all over the world, but the Japanese themselves advise travelers not to miss the opportunity to try catsudon, a thin pork chop with an egg, which is placed on top of a bowl of rice.

Canada: PutIn

This is a very calorie dish from Quebec. It consists of fries, cheese and a specially prepared sauce.

Scotland: Smoked salmon

Salmon is served on bread toasts made of unscreened flour with butter or cottage cheese paste. The Scots like to splash fish with lemon juice.

England: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

English chefs once came up with a way to use the fat dripping on the pallet of meat to make puddings. Now fried beef with dripping pudding is considered England’s national dish.

Spain: Iberian ham.

To produce this ham, a special Iberian breed of pigs is grown and kept on a special acorn diet. The ham is covered with sea salt and then hung in well-ventilated cellars for a couple of years. Finished jamon is cut into thin slices and served with wine, crispy bread and olives.

India: Tandoori chicken

It is almost impossible to find one dish in India that would represent the whole country, as each region has different traditions. However, there is one classic Indian dish – tandoori chicken. Chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt with spices, and then baked on a big fire in a clay oven. The dish is usually served with vegetables and rice.

Norway: Rakfisk

Rakfisk is considered a winter dish. It is a trout, which is first salted, left to ferment for several months and then served with onions and sour cream.

Venezuela: Pabellion cryolo

This Venezuelan national dish includes chopped beef, rice, black beans and cheese. Pabellion cryollo is usually served with fried egg and fried plantain.

Romania: sarmale

Sarmale is a Romanian version of dove or dolma. It is a minced meat and rice baked in small salted cabbage or grape leaves.

China: Xiao Long Bao

The dish with the difficult name is Shanghai dumplings swimming in soup. Xiao Long Bao is even more like Hinkali in shape. They are made from different types of meat and steamed in special bamboo baskets.

South Africa: Biltong

It’s a South African variety of dried meat. Most often biltong is made from beef, but it is also very good from other types of meat, such as ostrich. Thin meat strips are marinated with different spices and salt and dried.

Indonesia: Terang Bulan pie

It’s a sweet pie in the shape of a semicircle filled with all kinds of delicacies: chocolate chips, grated cheese, slices of peanuts. These pies are sold by street vendors all over Indonesia.

Argentina: Asado

The asado grill can be found in every self-respecting Argentinean family. It is meat cooked on coals, but its taste depends on many subtleties, so it is usually men – asadora. Asado is served with bread, salad, chimichurri sauce and red wine.

Philippines: Adobo

In many countries, adobo is a spice, but in the Philippines it is a dish consisting of pieces of chicken or pork stewed in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar and cooked with pepper, garlic and bay leaf.

Malaysia: Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak translates as “rice with cream”. Rice is cooked in coconut milk with pieces of pandanus leaves. The dish is served wrapped in banana leaves with sambal sauce, anchovies, peanuts and boiled egg.

Brazil: Feijoada

Feyjoada is a dish of black beans, roasted pork, beef, spices and cassava flour. It is usually served with rice, cabbage, orange slices and hot sauce to speed up digestion.

Saudi Arabia: casbah

This dish is made of rice with the addition of a large number of spices – cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and bay leaf. Casbah is usually served with meat and vegetables.